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I am passionate about the power of healing within community. I offer seasonal groups and workshops to support connection with self through others. Please check back often.

Maternal Mental Health 8-Week Therapy Group

Are you a mom who gives everything and has little left at the end of each day to give yourself?


Are you uncertain of how to handle the complex emotions and intense stress of motherhood?


Are you shaming yourself and feeling not good enough?


Is it difficult to remember who you were before becoming a parent?


Is it all just really hard sometimes?


You're not alone. This group fosters maternal mental health because we can't give to others what we don't first have for ourselves. 

CuriousHere's the details:

This group meets virtually on a secure telehealth platform. Please contact me for information about upcoming groups. 

Week 1: The Postpartum Portal

Week 2: Adjusting to Parenthood

Week 3: Intimacy with Self & Others 

Week 4: Perfectionism, Guilt & Shame

Week 5: Re-parenting Your Inner Child

Week 6: Postpartum Identity 

Week 7: New Stress

Week 8: Community & Connection

Babies in arms, breastfeeding and bottle feeding are welcome and encouraged. Feeding and hydrating yourself is also welcome and encouraged. 

Space is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per group cycle.

Group sessions cost $30 per week, or $240 for the entire 8 weeks. The cost is self-pay only as I am not able to take insurance for this group. You may pay with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or  Flexible Savings Account (FSA) card if applicable.

Due to state licensing laws, group participants must be residents of Florida.

Due to the intimate nature of this group, the full 8-week commitment is required for attendance. 

Interested in joining us? We would love to have you! Contact me below to express your interest and we will schedule a 15 minute phone chat to discuss further. 

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