What is EMDR?

 Scroll to the section titled "for laypeople" for an in-depth explanation from the EMDR Institute, Inc. including a description of treatment

DBT Testimonials

A short video where individuals share their experience and benefit from DBT, including information from researchers

What is NARM?

An in-depth explanation of the Neuro Affective Relational Model including the dilemma of connection as our deepest desire and greatest fear  

The Healer's Couch Podcast  

Featuring Yours Truly

Early in 2020 I was interviewed by healing guide, Sarah Proffitt, about addressing attachment wounds. This interview offers listeners a feel for my approach to therapy.

How does EMDR work?

A short, easy to understand animated video to explain how EMDR works (please note that I use auditory and tactile stimulation rather than eye movement) 

How DBT was created

Dr. Marcia Linehan, founder of DBT, shares her own experience with mental illness in New York Times article 

NARM Resources

A comprehensive collection of NARM articles, books, podcasts and blogs. I HIGHLY recommend the 'Transforming Trauma' podcast.

The Power of Vulnerability 

Vulnerability researcher Dr. Brené Brown's first TED Talk. You may have seen this one before but gosh if it isn't worth a re-watch a few times per year. In my opinion every book and talk by Brené is pure gold.